Do Gaming Research Right To Find The Best Games

Teenage Boys Playing Video GamesIf you’re thinking of playing some of the more popular video games, it’s still good to do your research. While they may be played by tons of people, that doesn’t mean they’re any good or will meet your needs. Try reading through this information to learn more.

Look at game charts and see what is being sold to current gen gamers. You can generally just search online for the chart for whatever console you’re looking to find popular games for. The key here is to remember that games are considered popular due to how many are sold not because they are that great. It’s kind of like movies, there are some that are just terrible but everyone knows about them because of effective marketing. The best thing to do is keep an open mind and not trust that the public always makes the right things popular. A great site for some good reviews is

Are you going to want to play games that are popular from older consoles? You can easily find great games for systems that are not longer being sold in this market but you have to just find a list of the best games. Don’t go with someone’s list that you don’t really know, find a general gaming countdown kind of list for the console or PC era you’re looking to learn more about. It is much more simple now than ever to learn more about games online so think about searching for these games on lists to figure out if you want to play by viewing screenshots and videos.

You’ll find that some popular games aren’t represented properly on charts because they aren’t being marketing the right way or the company isn’t paying to get it out there in the same way larger companies are. There will always be a market for underground games, and so you can be sure to overhear gamers and websites they frequent talking about certain things that are great to them but not as popular as the latest big studio offering. Keep an ear out on forums and things and you’re sure to learn about popular games that are more obscure.

Any game is going to be different than what you read about it, every person that puts how they feel into words won’t be just like you for the most part. Even if some games sound terrible, give them a try by using a rental service or though a demo. Then you’re easily able to stick to what it takes to make sure you are playing games before you completely judge and then avoid them. It’s good to have an understanding of what games are like by playing them so you can have a real reason to avoid paying for the whole game.

You’ll want to play the popular video games out there you do your research on. That way, it’s easy to know if you can benefit from playing them or if you should just try something different. Not all games that are popular now are the best so be cautious.

Where To Buy Used Video Games

If you are into video gaming, you are likely aware at how expensive it can get. The truth is, having a video game as a hobby is expensive. However, there are ways to reduce the overall expense of it. One of the best ways to reduce the overall cost of video gaming is by purchasing used video games.

1. eBay

The best place to look for used games is on eBay. The reason why eBay is such a good place to find used games is because there are a ton of different sellers on it. Because of this, the prices often get driven down lower than other retailers. You can usually find used games for a lower price than you would anywhere else on eBay. Also, because eBay has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, it is also one of the safest places to purchase your used games.

2. GameStop

gameGameStop is pretty much the originators of the used game business. Therefore, this is a good option due to the availability at the stores. You should always be able to find virtually any game that you want and/or are looking for at a GameStop store. This is a good option for anyone that invests in a GameStop membership. By investing in a Power Up Rewards membership, you will be able to earn more points for every game that you trade in and/or purchase from them.

3. Best Buy

Due to the success of GameStop, Best Buy started offering video game trade in services. Because of this, they are also a very good option. They generally have a good supply of video games on hand at their physical stores. They also have their used video games available for purchase online. This is a great option for anyone that is a Best Buy Rewards member because you can generate a ton of points for using them as your video game supplier. To make it even better, they have a Gamers Club Membership option where you can actually get further discounts on each game you purchase. By investing in one of these memberships, you will get 20% off any new game and 10% off any used game. As you can see, this type of reward based system can save you a ton of money if you purchase a ton of video games each year.

4. Amazon

Because Amazon sells pretty much everything, you can generally find great deals on video games that are used on the marketplace. This is a good option for anyone that invests in Amazon Prime shipping. That way, you might be able to score free 2-day shipping on your purchase. Pay attention to the sellers reviews before making a purchase on Amazon though. Like eBay, they allow third party sellers to sell their goods on their marketplace. However, you are going to be covered by Amazon either way.

Old Video Games: The Top 3 Best SNES Games Of All Time

Video games are some of the most time consuming and beloved things on the planet at the moment. You would be hard pressed to find any man, woman, or child that hasn’t held a video game controller in their hands at least once. However, some of today’s games pale in comparison to the old video games of the past. Below you will find a list of the best SNES games of all time, see if you agree.

Mortal Combat Two

controllerMortal Combat started the video game violence debate that still rages until this day. The first Mortal Combat was an arcade version and the blood and violence was kept to a minimum so that the younger audience could play as well. That trend ended with Mortal Combat Two, making it one of the most popular old video games of all time. Many parents complained and for years the violence and gore was toned down again, making MC2 the reigning champion when it comes to violence in the older games.

Kirby’s Dreamland 3

Kirby’s Dreamland 3 is on the opposite end of the spectrum with no violence, blood, or gore, but it is one of the best-loved video games of all time. The graphics are totally different from the original Kirby’s, which had more of a cartoon baby nursery look about them.

You still got to jump, fly, inhale enemies, and slide like before, just on a grander scale. What was so great about Dreamland was the fact that Kirby could have a blue blob named Gooey to be his companion and a second player could join in to help the first player along.

Stunt Race FX

Stunt Race FX hit the market at a time when Super Mario was all the rage. For those that wanted a break from Mario’s racing antics, this was the game to play, It was almost real, as in it left the wacky weapons out and put in more realistic driving and more realistic courses to follow. You also got five different vehicles to race with this game, making it super popular for a while.

Sim City

Sim City originally came out as a PC game and worked itself up to Super Nintendo. No one could have imagined it would be as awesome as it turned out to be. This was a game that gave gamers a much needed break from Mario and held the world in thrall for quite some time.

Final Fantasy Two

The original Final Fantasy pulled gamers in, but Final Fantasy Two cemented their little minds in its world forever and ever more. There were actual plots to this game and the characters grew. This was unheard of at the time and made the game one of the most popular of the era and they are still coming down the pipeline today.

These are just a few of the video games of old that made peoples days from Super Nintendo. Some of them can still be found in archives online, but most have faded from memory.

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